New Muska & Elvis cards are up …

So Ive been working on a few new designs, one is adding to the ‘Heart’ collection and another is a ‘All I can hear’ collection.

I left my heart in Sydney is created from my old 2006 Sydney and Blue Mountains Street directory, which has been sitting in the back pocket of my passenger seat, crying from being so lonely since GPS and Iphone maps took over, not wanting to toss him away with all the other unused and abused street directories, Im recycling him into my card designs… So Ive fashioned an origami heart over Surry Hills and Darling Harbour, and Sydney’s heart is printed on white Linen textured paper, now up on my madeit store

Another new card up is Monster Lurve… for some reason I find these guys all over my notes at work, in my diaries, on the back of work briefs, post it notes, on whatever is in front of me when my mind wanders, I must mindlessly doodle these crazy critters, as they obviously always pop up in my mind, so I thought I’d share them with everybody, I originally made this card for the misters 30th birthday and its been sitting on our bookshelf since, silently chanting ‘release me…. share me’, so here they are…

More to come on the ‘All I hear’ range very soon x


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