The way to my heart …..


My Button Heart card is by far the most favourite card that gets purchased online, I was actually speaking to a friend about this over the weekend, then having a few more online sales for this card this week, I thought I’d post about it.

Its funny as originally the design was not for one of my card collections, it was actually part of my entry into the Kit Cosmetics Design Award 2010, I did make it in to the 20 finalist, but unfortunately not the winner (the winner’s design was one of my favs though :) ) After the competition closed I thought it shouldnt get wasted and I put it on a card, and then I have the original artwork (real button sewn onto calico) framed on my living room wall.

I thought today I’d show you the process of how this card came about, like many of my cards they start off as either a drawing or an idea, with button heart being so popular, I am actually working on a heart collection, one of the designs to come, starts off with a bit of calico, come glue and fabric scraps, which I will put up soon, as I will also put up some of my works in progress……..

Excuse the poor image – I only took this photo as a positional of where all the button should sit for me to start sewing them on!

This was my Kit Cosmetics make up bag entry, I had also hand sewn the logo…

I then used that heart image for the card as you now know it, ready to send out to a lovely Muska & Elvis customer

The original now hanging on my living room wall (excuse the dark image again!)







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