How to Chicken Adobo!

Ok so I did say I’d somehow manage to squeeze in food on here somehow, as eating, cooking and baking food is right up there with everything else that I love!

Now being from a filipino background, I grew up with Chicken Adobo, an extremely popular filo dish. Not only is this dish my all time favourite meal ( I told told my mum that if I had to choose a last meal on earth, it would be her or my Nanas adobo – she thought I was insane, I think that she is insane as she doesn’t know how good they both cook it) I guess I always relate chicken adobo to comfort food, as whenever I was sick at home with a or cold/flu, my Nana who lived with us would cook up a huge pot of it. I could smell the aromas from the kitchen and it would make my sick face smile!

So its taken me a few years (yes a few years) to perfect this dish as my own, both my Nana and my mum have taught me the dish, the same dish from both women tastes fantastic, but to me also both taste different, its a very simple dish, many cook it differently, even now my mums Adobo has evolved and now has a wonderful peppery taste. Although both took me under their wing I still couldnt get it tasting to what I thought was right, as its hard to compete with a taste that you love and know thats your mum or nanas cooking.

So gradually over the years when one recipe didn’t work for me Id search for the next and then I found it! So seeming that Im sick at home with a chesty cold (boo hoo) right now and I will be eating the last of the Chicken Adobo I cooked the other night for my lunch today I thought I’d share it with you. Somehow Chicken Adobo makes me feel instantly better (bet its got a lot to do with the large amount of garlic yum!). I have never come across someone who didnt enjoy this dish…. try it (its easy its a one pot dish that you don’t really even need to check on)… enjoy! x

I took the original recipe (and images except for the last one – thats mine) from THE IVORY HUT  A great blog from a filipino about food, photography and everything else with some great post about food and recipes, check it out! Ive adapted the recipe from here….the way I cook it is below.

Chicken Adobo serves 5 (or for 2 x 2 meals each [for dinner and lunch or 2 dinners] as we do hehehe)

About 6 – 8 large chicken drumsticks (or 4 to 5 Chicken leg quarters divided into thighs/drumsticks – washed and cleaned)

6 – 8 Cloves of garlic (i like 8) peeled and crushed (or minced)

1/2 cup soy sauce (not Kikkoman)

1/2 cup Vinegar

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon brown sugar (brown packed sugar not raw sugar)

1 teaspoon black peppercorns some left whole some crushed
(this can also be also be already crushed perpeprcorns, which is what I use)

2 Bay leaves


Put all of your chicken into the pot your going to cook in

Basically mix all of your ingredients (except for the chicken and bay leaves) in a jug to mix the marinade

Then pour marinade over your chicken in the pot

Break both bay leaves in half and put in the pot (the marinate should cover the chicken if not completely- most of it, if the marinade is very low add a little more water and then as you cook you can add a little more of the other ingredients if needed.

Let the chicken marinate for at least half hour ( I like to prepare mine the night before or the morning of and I let it all sit in the pot covered in the fridge, until I cook it for dinner )

Pop it on the stove, lid on, and let it cook on medium heat (just a simmer) for about an hour and half – stir/turn the chicken every now and then…..  Again if the marinate goes low, your heat is either too high or not enough was in there in the first place, just add water 1/4 to 1/2 at a time.

Now just as you have about 15 minutes to go….taste the broth it should be a rich dark brown colour and should have a garlicky, tangy, sweet, and salty taste, and the chicken should fall of the bone and be very tender. If its too salty or even too sour gradually add more brown sugar

Serve with chicken and the sauce in the pan over boiled white rice! Delish!

My mouth is now watering for my lunch. So just like old times, Im going back to bed and I’ll wake to some Chicken Adobo for lunch! yum! x



  1. This looks so yummy… am going to try it out. Tonight I just made a batch of Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies – just adding them to my blog now.

    Would love to see some of your delicious sweet treats ;)

  2. Chicken adobo = Love. Perhaps a papier mache and Pansit post is on the cards soon? Yum Yum must give this a try!

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