I love My Milk Toof!

The first time I clicked onto My Milk Toof Blog, I instantly feel in love! My Milk Toof is the awesome creation of artist Inhae Lee.

Milk Toof follows the adventures of two baby teeth name Ickle and Lardee, (who are very cheeky and sometime naughty) within the handmade universe Inhae has created for them.

The props, situations, stories and photography all tie in together oh so perfectly! I cannot get enough of them, I wish they really did speak and move and that I could join them on their adventures! They put a smile on my face everytime I check up on this blog to see if Ickle and Lardee have any new stories to tell!

I cant wait to buy the book!

I hope Ickle and Lardee make you smile today! x


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