Colour your Friday!

26 May

The other day a friend at work was putting together a colour mood board, and the gorgeous colours she had chosen, reminded me of how fond I am of the above colour palette, looking at the colours I just realised how much they appear in my life, I have been wearing alot of my ‘PMS2735’ coat, my favourite Kit nail polish in Big Bang is ‘PMS 2395’, I’ve recently bought 2 great pairs of wedge heels and boots which both match ‘PMS2735’ and ‘PMS 2395’, Muska & Elvis revolve around ‘PMS381’, and I recently bought a scarfie in between ‘PMS381 & PMS 129’, and ‘PMS 422’, well you have to always love grey marle, Im actually wearing grey marle right now, and YES I do see things around me in PMS colours, sad I know…. (but more to come on this). Anyways just to prove how good this colour palette Ive put together my own mood board of ‘things’ around (which I would also live to have hehehehe). Enjoy your Friday, cant wait for the weekend x


One Response to “Colour your Friday!”

  1. T.F.Walsh May 30, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    Really like the colour board. PMS2735 and PMS 2395 are my fav ones. You’ll have to show me your coat… sounds awesome.


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